My top 5 films coming in 2017

1. Dunkirk

  1. This historical adaptation of the book and 1958 film of the same name is one of the 2017 films to watch out for. With a storyline that shows the real emotions and events of the people involved in the near disastrous World War 2 event that almost saw Britain removed from the war before the fighting even got started. By looking at the psychological struggles of the men’s in the war it shows the gravity of what they were fighting for.
  2. The film is also One Direction’s Harry Styles first try at working in Hollywood and many fans can’t wait to see if it is as good as critics are stating it is.
  3. 2. DC’s Wonder Women

  4. Wonder woman, one of DC’s best-known and earliest characters with a tale that’s spanned print, acting and animation many people await to see if the film adaptation can rekindle the iconic heroine’s fire.  Actress Gal Gadot who is well known for her roles in the Fast and the Furious franchise will continue to play the role after first debuting last year in the Batman vs Superman movie. The plot for this will focus on Wonder Woman’s first interaction with the world during The First World War.


3. Spiderman Homecoming

It seems that there is a new Spiderman movie or adaptation every other year and 2017 is no different with Disney’s Marvel taking the reign and creating a Spiderman of their own. Actor Tom Holland will play the role continuing on from his first appearance as the masked spider in Captain Americ
a Civil War, which was extremely popular with fans. Many commentators praised Tom Holland’s brief appearance in Civil War for being true to the original geeky teenage Spiderman of the comics and moving away from previous iterations. The story line will look at how Peter Parker handles being a hero, with aid with Robert Downer Jr’s Iron Man who play the role of mentor for the teen hero

4. DC’s Justice League

  1. DC is hoping to replicate the success of The Avengers with its own set of superheroes combining to save the world from some unknown threat. The groundwork has been going on for years through TV and film, with speculation popular TV character Arrow might make an appearance. When looking at the movie world many say that the DC cinematic world has not yet been able to match the Marvel prowess. However, when looking at other characters of the film fans are widely optimistic of what about the potential of The Justice League.
  2. 5. Power Rangers

  3. Ah the Power Rangers, I know for a fact that when reading the title for number five many of you may start singing the theme tune of the 90’s series. When we think of power rangers many of us may think back to our childhood or the Red rangers uniting in one movie. 2017 will be a year however where the rangers are modernised and placed on the big screen. The directors have explicitly said they plan as the storyline as well as the casting of the series appeals to both old and young fans of the series. The movie’s casting is also done with younger generation being able to relate to the characters an example is musician Becky G who will be portraying the yellow ranger, with the singer already having a fan base many may see the film just to see her first film acting role.

Review: Trainspotting 2

My love for all things 90s has never been a secret; from my Harrington and docs phase, to my constant wear of chokers – the 90s can do no wrong in my eyes. This doesn’t differ when it comes to the films either. Trainspotting (1996) is a firm favourite of mine and only intensifies my love for the era. Nostalgia aside, this review is going to be a comparison between the original Trainspotting and the sequel T2 Trainspotting (2017) which I recently watched.

More than 20 years after the original was released, Boyle’s sequel to the heroin glorifying Trainspotting certainly had a lot to live up to. I was excited to relive the film and the character’s chaotic lives once more, but also feared it couldn’t possibly live up to the standard of the original. I was also sceptical that the new release would not link much with the first film; however, this couldn’t be more wrong.

The main plot to T2 directly followed from the final scene in the original; and not surprisingly, the lads were all still fuming that Mark stole their *cough* hard earned, totally legal cash. The film also brought us up to date as to where the characters’ lives were currently at and thankfully all the actors reprise their legendary roles  – with the added addition of grey and receding hair. In case you were wondering, Spud was still on the ‘skag’, Begbie was serving a 20 year prison sentence, Sick Boy was a small time gangster and Mark was living in Amsterdam as an accountant. As well as references to the old film (they never did forget about that money), other links to the original included, and in true Boyle style, flashbacks. For example, the iconic scene where the lads are stood on the platform in the Scottish highlands is recreated in the sequel, minus Tommy of course; who sadly died in the first film, although again, this was acknowledged in the second film.

With frequent connection to the first film, I was shocked to see how little T2 discussed or featured heroin – which was notably the most important aspect of the first film. Quite rightly so, T2 opted for a more adult approach with themes including family, relationships, and friendship- quite fitting of 40-something-year-olds. However, I did have mixed opinions on this, as my main loves for the first film was the rebellion, fantasy and, let’s be real, the characters not giving a shit about life. T2 had little of this consequence-free approach and was far more authentic to adult and everyday life. Personally, I don’t really like this in a film, as the whole idea of going to watch them is to escape everyday life, whereas T2 only highlighted it.  However, in a logical sense, realistically the lads would probably be dead now if they were all still hard core heroin addicts like in the original so I do think the new and more realistic type of approach in T2 worked well, just not for me personally.  

Another reason I think the original Trainspotting was so successful was because there was no ‘proper’ and definitive narrative, which meant that the film was very easy to be interpreted in whichever way the audience wanted.  T2 did have aspects of this, however, there was much more of a narrative and an ‘aspiration’ feel in T2- and not a great one.

The narrative in T2 as discussed earlier did indeed follow on from the last film and what will happen once the characters reunite. However, another key narrative that appeared was that of Mark and Sick Boy, who set their sights on opening up a brothel business. I thought this idea was quite dull in all honesty; the idea itself never really concluded, and just sort of faded away.

This was the case for the majority of T2, as I thought there was potential for new strings to be added to the story but whenever anything exciting could have happened, the ideas just faded away and weren’t discussed anymore. For example, I was quite disappointed that Mark didn’t rekindle his love with his ex-Diane, even though they met again in T2. Although this was perhaps deliberate as the makers of the film were probably avoiding simply rewriting the original 20 years into the future.

Another reason I loved the original film was because of its legendary soundtrack, which included classics from Iggy Pop and Primal Scream. The T2 soundtrack thankfully didn’t disappoint and was just as good as the first and fitted the film’s aesthetic well.  The importance of music in relation to T2 was represented in the final scene when Mark plays an old record which flashes back to him as a young man on heroin when he played the same song in the original; a fitting ending I think.

So what’s my overall opinion? Which is better? Well that question I could have told you even before I watched T2, that being that the original Trainspotting was the better of the two. It isn’t that T2 was bad; I thought the film was portrayed really well and was an excellent follow on from the first; it had me gripped from the start and obtained the same black comedy the original expressed. However, it just couldn’t possibly live up to the standards of the original, something I imagine most Trainspotting fans would also feel.

So if you’re fancying a trip to the cinema and you haven’t seen the first Trainspotting (what are you doing with your life) then I feel that watching the second wouldn’t really make sense, as there is so much homage to the original. However, if you have thankfully seen the first, I would 100% recommend the second- just don’t expect to relive the 90s or see the film of the decade, is all I’m saying.

Oh and remember… choose life.


Words by Charley Hussain