Meet the candidates: Chiedozie Ubadike

Hi, my name is Chiedozie (Call me Dozie so you don’t bite your tongue), I am an MSc. Student in Managing Global business and I am running to be your Activities Officer for the next academic year. One of my hobbies is Football (I’m a good footballer as well, try me!J) and Chelsea Fc is my team. I also love politics, travelling, meeting with new people and engaging in intellectually stimulating conversations that expands the mind.

Coming to Sheffield Hallam University opened the doorway to opportunities which enhanced my life as a student. However, I do believe that more could be done to enhance the life of students in the University. In addition to education, there are other avenues in which we as students can tap into our potentials. One of these is through extra-curricular activities. Having stated this, I am running for this role to enhance the skill set that is essential for personal growth and development of students so that they can be a step further to reaching their full potentials. Also, I want to take part in implementing student ideas and support student led activities. I am impressed with the amount of extracurricular activities the university offers and I want the opportunity to be in charge of the main university events and encourage students from all faculties to have more socials and other activities to create a stronger sense of community.

Supporting Societies

Supporting societies whether they be active, campaigning, religious or others, I will promote each society’s position within the Union by

  • With me as Activities Officer, I will work with clubs and societies, meeting with them at least once a week to address problems which they face and to assess how successfully existing problems are being handled. I will also work with students by making available a platform (both offline and online) that will enable students to give suggestions, ideas or contributions on the changes they want to see in the union.
  • I will reintroduce society promotion and advertising as a priority, for example by placing a society notice board in a prominent position in the foyer of the Union building.
  • Creating, managing and moderating an online platform(s) page dedicated to the University’s societies, offering a place to share events and information to large numbers of students.
  • I aim to work with NUS Digital to introduce a self-scanning barcode system for societies at the Welcome and Refreshers Fairs.

More club nights and events in your Union

  • We have some great spaces for events that are not being used to their full potential and I want to change that.
  • I will focus on reintroducing the night club at the HUBS and will aim to make it safe and affordable. This will enable students to have a good and safe night out.
  • I will encourage students and outside promoters alike to host student events at the HUBS, from warm-up parties to the great club nights from around Sheffield, many of which will be student run. Similar student unions around the country have great nights weekly and by utilising the space in the HUBS better we can do the same.
  • I aim to promote these event by setting up a ticket selling network and encouraging festivals and other groups to use the student union as a base for promotion.
  • I will aim to have events most nights of the week by the new academic year including trialling a regular film night.

Field Trips

  • I aim to promote and encourage more local trips within the UK. I believe that International students coming into the UK should be given the opportunity to explore Sheffield as well as the rest of the UK and the Student Union should be at the forefront of this.
  • I will also aim to promote and organise trips outside the UK to other countries in other continents outside the UK.


  • I want to focus on expanding volunteering projects internationally, helping students fundraise to go abroad to work with less developed communities.
  •  I also want to increase the awareness of one-off volunteering opportunities for students who can’t give time on a regular basis, so that they can still enhance their employability skills.

Meet the candidates: Lawrence Penn

My name is Lawrence Penn and I’m currently studying Geography with French in my second year. All the way through my university career so far, societies have been a huge part of my uni life, whether I’m a part of one or running one. Sitting on Union Council and being President of the Geography Society has granted me valuable insights into the way our societies and our Students’ Union are run. It has also made me realise how much value the SU can add to your life at uni. That’s why I want to be your next Activities Officer.

Set out below is how I will continue this legacy. In addition to the key areas of this role, I will use this position to bring about sustainable and green change to both the Students’ Union and the University.



  • More training opportunities
  • Knowledge sharing 
  • Increased visibility at Societies Fair
  • Sustainable Societies


Raising And Giving (RAG)

  • More public campaigns
  • More support for RAG in societies and sports
  • Larger scale events 
  • showcasing the impact 


Student Media 

  • Larger media presence 
  • Holding union officers to account


Events and Opportunities

  • Low price days out and events
  • Recognition of society efforts 



  • Accessible opportunities all year round 
  • International volunteering 
  • Build closer relationships between volunteers


Sustainable Hallam

  • Reduce plastic packaging 
  • Recycling intiitaive 
  • More sustainability related course material


Detailed Manifesto



I believe that societies make up a fundamental part of our Students’ Union.

  • Training opportunities –  Providing more opportunities for areas outside of the current training areas will make sure no committee goes into their roles unsure. Potential areas for extra training are in mental health, developing knowledge of liberation groups, and dealing with conflict.
  • Knowledge sharing – There is a wealth of experience accumulated across our societies. I plan to make it far easier to share this knowledge between committees so that we can all learn from everyone’s mistakes, by creating an online shared forum and holding skills swap sessions.
  • Increased Visibility at Societies fair – In previous years however some societies have felt that their location in the fair meant that not many people saw their stall. Space is limited but I believe better signage, advertisement and direction from staff will make sure that societies all get their fair share of footfall at their stand.
  • Sustainable societies – I am passionate about initiatives that can make our carbon footprint smaller and our lives greener. As such I will implement society objectives that encourage societies to spend a small amount of time working towards sustainability.


Raising And Giving (RAG)

With over 35,000 students at Sheffield Hallam, between us we have a large capacity to bring about change in Sheffield. I want to make it easier for students get involved in fundraising projects for their local communities.

  • More public campaigns – Campaigns to raise money for Sheffield’s homeless charities would make a huge difference to so many people’s lives and would create an image of Sheffield Hallam as a true force for good in the local community.
  • More support for RAG in societies/sports – Societies and sports teams provide an excellent platform for raising money. With more support, we will be able to host more RAG events.
  • Larger scale events which societies can simply sign up to will make charity endeavours far more accessible to smaller societies in particular.
  • Showcasing the Impact – I want to make sure people can see the effects and changes we are making so that they too might become inspired to support RAG.

Events and Opportunities 

  • Low price days out and events – Finding things to do in your down time can be especially difficult as a poor student. I will organise cheap days out and activities to be available to students.
  • Recognition of society efforts Committees put a lot of time into their societies. I want to recognise and materialise these efforts so that they can later be put on student’s CVs as tangible awards which employers can recognise. I would do this through further promotion of the Hallam Award to make sure that people are getting the most out of their efforts.

Student Media 

  • Larger media presence – Media outlets have huge potential to grow and become more of an integral part of our Students’ Union. By increasing communication between outlets, student groups and the SU I plan to make sure more people engage with student media.
  • Holding the Union to Account –  Using the student media to ensure that elected officers, representative, and the Students’ Union are held to account by the students.


  • Accessible opportunities all year round – During the summer for students who stay in Sheffield there is usually less going on at the Students’ Union. I would use this time to promote and engage with more students in our one-off volunteering programme, or promote student groups to plan projects ready to launch in freshers
  • International Volunteering – work closely with staff to set up international volunteering opportunities, enabling students to not only volunteer but travel at the same time.
  • Build closer relationships between volunteers – I would run events for volunteers to come along to, enabling a more relaxed atmosphere to socialise, with particular focus on engaging with one off volunteers.

Sustainable Hallam

Each and every one of us has the responsibility to act towards the resolution of climate change and global warming. I plan to bring in initiatives to make it easier for students to do so and to change people’s mindsets on just how much they can help.

  • Reduce plastic packaging – On our current trajectory, the mass of plastic in the sea is set to outweigh the mass of fish by 2050 as so little of it is recycled. The problem starts at the consumer so I plan to reduce the amount of plastic packaging and make as much of the remainder as possible recyclable.
  • Recycling initiative – Most of our packing waste is disposed of in the food and drink outlets. By creating signage (eg. please recycle me!) and public campaigns in the university, it will possible to increase the amount of waste we recycle.
  • More sustainability related course material – As university students, in the future it will most likely be us in the driving seat and positions of influence. It is therefore important to impart a conscience and knowledge of sustainability practices during our time at university. There is scope in many courses to include a focus on sustainability, by tying it in with the existing subject matter.

Meet the candidates: Yasmin Saleban


Hi my name is Yasmin Saleban! I am final year Psychology student and yes, I can read your mind (LOL.) For the past two years, I have been actively involved with the Student’s Union. I have had the pleasure of participating in some amazing events, such as the BME Leadership Conference and the Women in Leadership Conference. From these events and my involvement with the Union, I have seen the MASSIVE influence that the student voice has. This is why I’d like to run.  I would like to continue making your university experience bigger and better.  My main goal is to present more opportunities within the Union and to make sure that you’re gaining employability and social skills, so that you’re all set and ready to go when you graduate into the big wide world!

Experience so far

  • NUS Delegate
  • Student Trustee
  • Co-chairing the BME committee
  • BME In Leadership Conference
  • Chaired a panel for Women in Leadership Conference
  • Successfully campaigned for kosher and halal food
  • Helped start a charity
  • Involved in Black History Month
  • Volunteered in Africa several times in mental health hospital and children with physical and learning disability
  • Volunteered with Citizenship Advice Bureau
  • Raised over a 1000 pound for charity


What I Want To Do.

Sheffield Hallam has over 40 sports and recreational clubs, over 50 societies and many volunteering opportunities for students. However, many students including myself are unaware of these activities, clubs and societies. What I want to do is, to ensure that students are aware of these activities, clubs and societies and get them involved.


  • Ensure Societies receive more support and funding.
  • Ensure better communication between Societies and potential members
  • Better communication between societies and The Student Union
  • Bigger and better society showcases


  • Make volunteering opportunities more visible to all students
  • More volunteering fairs. THE BIGGER THE BETTER!!
  • More workshops and training programmers to help you enhance and develop more skills.


  • Fund And Expand H News, So That Is Can Release A Weekly Paper
  • Fund SU Radio, So They Can Broadcast Daily
  • Create New Student Union Lead H TV To Cover Team Hallam Sports Games And Much More!


  • Enhance student engagement with The Student Union
  • More events in The Student Union (PARTIES!!)
  • Expand volunteering opportunities

Meet the candidates: Bethany Howden

Hey, I’m Beth and I am running to be your next Activities Officer.

I am the current President of Knit Like Your Nana. From setting up this fast-growing society I have first-hand knowledge of the support you can get from the Students’ Union and the satisfaction of knowing what can be achieved from being part of a successful team.

My objectives in taking on the position of Activities Officer are simple. I want to ensure every student has the chance to experience the amazing opportunities available through Hallam’s Students’ Union, regardless of which campus they are affiliated with or whether they start at the beginning of the academic year or mid-term.


Collaboration is the key and my targets are:

General Aims

  • I want to bring more events to Collegiate Campus to achieve overall involvement.
  • I want to have a mid-term Freshers Week to ensure ALL Students are given the same opportunities as those who start at the beginning of the academic year


Media Aims

  • I want to get the Media Courses more involved with the Union Radio Station [collaboration between radio and media]


RAG Aims

  • Volunteering is at the heart of the Union so let’s get it out to everyone. Reintroducing RAG through collaboration as a volunteering project! Showcasing at the volunteering fair so everyone has the chance to get involved.


Volunteering Aims

  • I will promote international volunteering, giving opportunities for all students to volunteer internationally.
  • I will make students aware that there are many ways to take part in volunteering projects which can be recorded and added onto a student’s record, a very positive addition to any degree being obtained.


Societies Aims

  • I will ensure ALL societies feel valued and friendly rivalry aside we should ALL support each other with regular collaborations being encouraged.

Meet the candidates: Gemma Holmes

Hello!! My name is Gemma and I’m running to be your next Activities Officer.

Born and bred Sheffield girl, I must like the place if I stayed for uni, right? OF COURSE! Sheffield is the best city by far! Anyway, I am currently doing an MSc in Developmental Psychology and got my BSc Criminology and Psychology degree at Sheffield Hallam too. I have been part of the Pole Fitness society since I joined Sheffield Hallam in my first year, and I can honestly say that was the best decision I have made since being at uni. I feel like the Students’ Union opens up so many more doors for students to get involved in a variety of activities from volunteering to societies, and I want to be the person who can make the difference to your university experience!

I have been on the Pole Fitness committee for the past two years, starting off as secretary and now being the president. I absolutely love the role of president and thrive from organisation and to-do lists. If I do something I will put my heart and soul into it.

Since becoming more and more involved in the Students’ Union activities I have been coming up with little ideas on things that I would like to change. The following points are things that I would aim to achieve if elected as your next Activities Officer.
– Improve use of technology to engage students in the Union’s activities

– Push the emergence of the online H Magazine
– Showcase the opportunities for students to get involved in S1 radio and to implement a ‘listen here’ icon on SHSU site, Blackboard and desktop PCs to increase listeners
– Encourage the use of QR codes for societies at fairs for students to sign up there and then on mobile devices
– Support the production and use of promotional videos for society advertisement over the summer

– Year round student engagement

– Conduct mini events during the summer for international, postgraduate and students who stay in Sheffield over the holidays to allow them to maintain social interactions with the Students’ Union outside of term time
– Encourage societies to conduct ‘give it a go’ sessions in January alongside involvement in the virtual fair to increase participation in the new year
– Broaden the current ‘one-off opportunities’ to extend into the summer and provide a diverse range of activities available

– Society support and growth

– Provide regular drop-in sessions for societies in The HUBS to support each society to deal with any concerns they may have, from internal issues regarding student engagement to external issues such as funding or sponsorship, the aim is to be there to provide thorough and regular support to each and every society
– Promote the participation in Societies Varsity and develop it to be a fortnight event which can allow willing societies to get involved and showcase their talent
– Create a ‘contact sheet’ for committees of societies and sports to communicate effectively and aid the prospects of joint socials and collaborations

– Volunteering and community involvement

– Provide small and large groups, such as course mates, society or committee members, with appropriate volunteering opportunities to get involved in together to make volunteering as a group an accessible and easy activity to get stuck into
– Streamlining the volunteer, career and training opportunities between the University and Union to ensure that opportunities are available and easily accessible to everybody whilst at university
– To re-structure RAG (Raise and Give) in order to reflect the modern changes being made to the Students’ Union and increase its potential to conduct fundraising events

Thank you for reading my manifesto, I have the passion and dedication so please consider me for the role of your next Activities Officer.

Meet the candidates: Andrew Bevans


I’m well experienced in many areas of the student’s union, Currently sitting on 3 society committees. I currently hold the ACES Faculty Academic Rep Position and in the 2 years prior to that I’ve sat on union council as an open-space rep. I also help approve new societies and funding requests as part of the Societies working group. These roles have not only given me a clear view of how the Students Union operates but also given me the confidence to challenge things and the leadership skills I feel are necessary to make an impact in this role.


Societies have the potential to have an immeasurable positive impact on the student experience at Hallam. I’ve seen first-hand the friendships forged at society meetups, myself having met most my current friends through a society either directly or indirectly. Societies also provide a gateway into the Students union, it’s campaigns and support services to those who may have otherwise not been involved.

Unfortunately, I often hear “the union” being uttered apathetically and described as a hindrance or an additional bureaucratic hurdle to students.  Every society is unique in terms of what it needs from us as a Students union and I believe it’s our duty to understand the needs of each society. If elected I will commit to meeting with societies at a Convenient time (not forcing you to find a gap in your 9-5 schedule!) to really understand what can be done to support you. I’m happy to attend society events in order to understand what they get up to and how I can better support individual societies.

I’ll commit to displaying and celebrating past society events as well as just advertising future ones.

Room bookings: whilst improvements have been made, the system is by no means perfect and I will laisse to ensure room availability is kept up to date.
RAG and Volunteering

I’ve purposely included these as a single section as I believe they are often linked together. Whether fundraising directly or giving your time to a cause, students are still volunteering their time in order to achieve a positive goal.

I believe fundraising and volunteering should be encouraged regardless of whether the activity is being undertaken through the union or through an external organisation. Students who volunteer or fundraise through external organisations aren’t recognised by SHSU and as such don’t receive the same support. If elected I’d ensure students volunteering and fundraising through external schemes (eg ICS) are able to get support in holding fundraising events (free room hire .etc)


H-News and H-magazine provide a great way of getting the word out about everything from societies and student union campaigns to student achievements on campus and beyond.

I took part in a school radio project back when I was in school and therefore know what a positive and empowering experience radio producytion can bring; The fact that S1 radio is “not currently broadcasting” saddens me. If elected I would look to bring S1 Radio back on air in some capacity as well as investigate the possibility of how video can be used as part of our media portfolio.

To summarise, if elected I will:

-Champion societies of all sizes and their achievements, big or small.

– Meet with societies and find out what their individual needs are, attending their events out of hours if appropriate. 

– Ensure better support for students taking part in volunteering and fundraising projects through external organisations.

-Look to bring back S1 Radio as well as look to expand our media offering to include video.

Meet the candidates: Alana Barratt

Hi, my name is Alana Barratt and I am running to be your Activities Officer at SHSU for 2017/2018. I feel that being involved in student activities, whether it is being part of your course or just for fun, is important. Not only does it allow you to meet new people, it enables you to gain new skills that will boost your CV. This is why I plan to make union societies, volunteering and other university events easier to access by creating a HUB app. Each person’s university experience will be different but unique, so let’s make your SHUniverse a great one together.

So, here are my plans;

Overall Union-

  • My biggest mission to support/improve the union is to create a HUB app. The app will simplify joining societies and engaging in volunteering, purchasing SHU merchandise, listening to S1 Radio and much more.
  • Introduce new deals to Bar Phoenix to make it a social place for all societies.
  • Develop a vibrant, accessible, award winning student’s union by having more live performances, comedy shows, movie screenings and introducing student nights at a local play centre (so we can all re-live our childhood).
  • Dedicate specific hours and activities to collegiate campus.


  • Enhance participation by supporting each society in creating promotional videos.
  • A re-fresher’s fair to involve new students and to make people aware it is never too late to join.
  • Make room/facility bookings stress free and fair.
  • Enhance opportunities/activities for a wide range of people.


  • Help to develop an award winning volunteering programme by supporting the committee in promoting projects and pushing new opportunities to engage students.
  • Showcase more student volunteering online and have a monthly student recognition award.
  • Support the ‘Society’s in Society’ project.
  • More projects to increase school-age participation in volunteering.

RAG (Raise and Give)-

  • As I have worked with RAG in the past and fundraised on their behalf, I understand the pressure they can be under. I want to support RAG by providing them with the ideas and resources they need.
  • Grow the relationship between RAG and Volunteering.
  • Involve students in a Raise for Who campaign where students can nominate charities we raise for.


  • I know how important and hard it is to get involved in course related activities. So, I will work with H Magazine and S1 Radio to get students involved and create more course related opportunities.
  • Create a blog for students ran by students which illustrates the student experience.
  • Introduce new workshops where students can learn new skills, whether it be using; Photoshop, Macs, excel, TV effects, blogs and more.

They say university is supposed to be the greatest years of your life with lots of life changing experiences… so let’s improve your SHUniverse today!

My Social media:

Twitter: @LanaBarratt #Alana4Activies

Facebook: Alana Barratt

Meet the Candidates: Christopher Taylor

Hi everyone, my names Chris and I’m running for the position of Activities officer. I am currently a second year IT with Business studies student who is also the current president of SHSU Sci-fi and Fantasy, this means that over the past two years I have seen the benefits and opportunities the SU offers and would like to improve these already wonderful things through the following ways:

Manifesto points:


– Improve the quality of committee training, moving away from simple quiz and towards actually covering what is required of committees i.e. how to deal with EQD issues.

– Reallocate current funding to better encourage society development i.e. no more excessive printing budgets

– Create/standardise a series of forms for purchase orders and other common tasks to lessen the currently confusing system

– Create a system for allocating space in SU storage, this is mainly to reduce any competition over space.


– Improve the scope and breadth of opportunities on offer

– Create more specific volunteering opportunities for university courses that require volunteering through the SU

– Better improve the promotion and cooperation for the Society’s in society


– Use the Su’s social media to promote individual society events and volunteering/Fundraising opportunities

– Encourage the creation of promotional videos to increase engagement over summer and to help new students find out about events


Now to some of you this may seem like I relatively small number of changes but it’s my belief that a small number of key changes such as these will greatly benefit the SU and drive the fabulous opportunities they offer to new heights.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you’ll consider me come the 6th march.


Social media:

Facebook: Chris Taylor