Meet the candidates: Melanie Stubbs

As a mature hard working student, who has life commitments I like to see other students getting the most from university. I like to support and help students to experience what Sheffield Hallam had to offer. Both education, clubs, support services, facilities and so much more to enable education to be fun.

By being a mature student I like to set examples, I like to show students what life is about and the opportunities they could potentially access through Sheffield Hallam. I am a committed individual, who is hard working and believes life is full of open doors once the way is shown.

I have great communication skills, time keeping skills and most of all I believe strongly in inequalities being reduced equal access to all.

thank you so much for the nominations so far.

Meet the candidates: Davey Silver

Re-elect the Fresh Prince! Vote Davey for Education!

I’m Davey but some of you might know me as the Fresh Prince of Welfare! I’m your current elected Welfare and Community Officer but this year I’m running to be your next Education Officer.

I’ve really enjoyed my time so far representing students views in my current role and feel like I am the only candidate with the skills and experience needed to take up the Education Officer position in what is a turbulent time for academic issues.

If re-elected I will hit the ground running in my new role as I already have a great understanding of how to be an Officer who puts student opinions and academic interests first. I promise to lobby and campaign for changes that will benefit, empower and protect Sheffield Hallam students.


Mental Health

I will run more stress busting events and activities throughout the year alongside the Welfare and Community Officer, to try and combat the rising amount of students that report suffering from mental health difficulties due to their academic studies.


The 2017/18 academic year will be unprecedented In terms of the potential Educational challenges students may face. I will continue the work of Luke Renwick and the 2016/17 Officer Team against the proposed Teaching Excellence Framework which could see an increase in the already extortionate £9000 a year tuition fees.

University/Union Spaces

I will lobby and campaign for the addition of both “Safe Spaces” on campus and more attractive and suitable study areas within the Union Building.


This year I hosted and helped to plan the Union’s first ever BME in Leadership Conference which was met with really positive feedback from those who attended. As Education Officer I will look to put on more inspiring events like this to help develop Hallam Students and enhance YOUR learning experience.

Assessment Journey Programme

I was lucky enough to be involved with consultations on the University’s new Assessment Journey Programme. This new initiative is aimed at tackling several concerns students have raised in releation to the submission of assessments. It was also great to hear from a staff perpsective about the struggles and pressures sometimes put on academics when it comes to giving feedback and results. I will continue to work with the University to improve the service from feedback given by Students.


Year after year Hallam students on a variety of courses find that the timetabling of certain lectures and seminars is often an inconvenient barrier faced during thier studies. While this is a complex issue that I can’t promise to solve completely, I can strive to make the University notice that gaps between lectures of 5+ hours is a reality for many students. Hallam has a high percentage of both commuting students and Postgraduate students, who’s other commitments can be hindered by these avoidable gaps.

Meet the candidates: Radia Adama Saani

My name is Radia Adama Saani. A Ghanaian post graduate student of Sheffield Hallam University studying Msc. International Hospitality & Tourism Management. Contesting for the position of an Education Officer, my desire is to develop the interest of learning amongst students. I seek to create a foundation to enhance the skills of career development among students. I will be working in collaboration with various professionals to offer mentoring roles to students on how to develop their various fields in professional careers. I believe that, we are in a world where exploring new ways of creating or thinking isn’t only encouraged but expected. The world is moving at a fast pace in terms of knowledge acquisition thus the need for a change in the educational trend. Today, education is beyond obtaining certificates but the ability to learn in order to lead tomorrow.

Students should see learning as an exciting edge and creation of new ideas instead of a burden only to pass an examination. Thus , I will seek to nurture students’ interest in attending lectures. I will advocate for smart devices for students during lectures for note taking and the ability to follow lessons during lectures.

I have often heard students complaining about the frequent change of days for lectures. Our time tables are structured in a way that various days for lectures keep changing every week. A student deserves to know the specific days for lectures so as to plan his/her other engagements outside of campus better. As an Education officer, I intend to actively advocate for a well organized and reliable lecture time table for students.

Out of the many universities that offered me places of study, I chose Sheffield Hallam University because the school offers students the opportunity to impact positive change in the lives of other students and i believe I am here to contribute to that asignificant change. I have a strong passion of representing you, creating platforms for your voices or grievances to be heard as well as giving you a great campus experience.

Vote for the best! Vote wisely! Vote for Radia as your Education Officer. Thank you!

Meet the candidates: Sam Pennington

If Elected my priorities are

  1. Continue the fight for free education and against cuts to education
  2. Push for a continued fight against the NSS and the devaluing of your degree
  3. Work closely with liberation groups to help build their campagins
  4. Fight to Improve Transparency of yearly cost rises of your degree
  5. Work with the elected welfare officer to help set up a financial wellbeing drop in session
  6. Engage in grassroot university campaigns to help make Sheffield Hallam the best it can be


Hi, I’m Sam, a third year politics student, and I want to be elected as your education officer.

Having been involved with various roles in the Union throughout my 3 years at University, it is clear to me that Hallam Student’s Union needs to elect an Education Officer to carry on the fantastic work done by those previously in the role. Having fought beside the previous two education officers while they carried out their manifesto’s, I believe I am the right person to carry on this good work.


What Will I do?


  • The Fight for Free Education:  An education officer worth anything to the students electing them must work with people on campus and in the NUS to fight for free education. Hallam is a wonderfully diverse university that is home to people from all walks of life. The fight for free education is to ensure that people from different backgrounds (whether that be economic, cultural, or religious) have equal access to University and progressing in life. At a time when student life is at its hardest, Vote Sam for Education, to fight for better conditions for future students.


  • Continuing to oppose the National Student Survey: The National Student Survey (NSS), is being used to either: Increase the price of your degree, or devalue the worth of your degree. A boycott has been called this year, to fight the changes put in place by the government, but in the coming years the fight will continue. You need someone who will fight, campaign, and resist the effects that the NSS will have on your learning experience and the worth of your degree. To campaign and take action against Government changes that put your degree at risk, Vote Sam for Education. 
  • Empowering Liberation Groups: The increase of prominance of liberation groups in the union has been a fantastic development over the course of my time at Hallam. It is only right to pledge that if elected, I will work closely with LGBT+, BME, Disabled Students and Women’s liberation groups, to help carry on the good work they are doing throughout the university, being a friend and an ally to each of the groups.


  • Improve Transparency of the yearly cost rise of your degree: Did you know that tuition fees have risen to £9,250 for people starting courses next year? Did you know the government snuck in a change in how we repay our student loans, meaning your student debt could rise as much as £180 per month, just in interest? For the vast majority of students I’ve spoken too, the answer was definitely no. It is time students are made aware of changes that will affect us, and the students that come after us, Vote Sam for Education.


  • Work with the elected welfare officer to help set up a financial wellbeing drop in session?: Coming from a working class background, I understand the financial difficulties and strains that come with university, and the affect that can then have on both your studies and your health. That is why I am pledging to work with the elected welfare officer to provide a financial wellbeing drop in session so you have someone to turn to if you are unsure or worried. For many, University is the first time they are financially independent, and that can be a daunting thing. Help should always be available.


  • Engage in grassroot university campaigns to help make Sheffield Hallam the best it can be: Listening to, speaking to, and campaigning with students is a key role of Education officer, and one that I am relishing! Threre are few things more exciting and rewarding to me than solving people’s problems, making their lives easier.

Why should you trust me?

I have gained a wealth of experience throughout my three years at Hallam, some of my achievements are:

  • Standing for Local councillor in 2014 and 2015
  • NUS Delegate 2016
  • Vice Chair of Education Zone 2015/16
  • Various different roles on committee’s of socities
  • Sat on union council 2015/16

Voting for: –

‘NUS Student Strike Ballot”
Implementing Gender Neutral Toilets
MSM Blood Equality Motion
Subsidised Menstrual Sanitary Products
Gender Self-Definition Motion
Sustainable Bottled Water Motion

Do you want someone who is just going to kick back and use the Education Officer role to bulk out their CV? Someone who wont stand up for the students of our university? Nah fam, Vote Sam.

Meet the candidates: Nasra Mohamoud

Hello everyone! My name is Nasra Mohamoud and I’m a third-year student studying Criminology with Psychology at Sheffield Hallam. I’ve seen the differences us students can make no matter how small.  I want students to be able to get the most out of their education & to be able to access the facilities and resources they need to succeed. The students deserve to get the value for their money in education and for them to feel that they have made the right choice, by choosing to study at Hallam.

My Experience

  • Volunteered with children and adults with special needs and educational barriers- As a teaching assistant at Byron Wood Academy, I closely worked with young children who recently arrived in the UK and had special needs. This experience greatly made me aware of the barriers in our education system and the fact that a lot needs to be done to improve it.
  • Part of the BME Committee– Currently, I’m a member of the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) committee. As a result, it is my role to represent the voices of black and ethnic minority students at Sheffield Hallam. This role has equipped me with great political and campaigning skills to run as an Education Officer.
  • Part of a Youth Mentoring Scheme- The Youth Mentoring Scheme allowed me to take a leadership role and to inspire young people to succeed. Therefore, it has equipped me with exceptional leadership qualities and the desire to nourish skills and achievement.

What Will I Do To Improve Your Education?

As Education Officer, I will tackle the following issues:

Study space:

One of the most severe issues at Sheffield Hallam is overcrowding. Study space is at breaking point and students are bearing the brunt of a housing crisis. To help overcome this, I will:

  • Work with my fellow officers to contest the unchecked increase in taught postgraduate student numbers until we have sufficient study space for everybody.
  • Liaise with SHU to create a database of free rooms at any given time and make this available to students online. This will significantly help at exam times, when the library is consistently full.
  • Improve the online Adssets booking system
  • Work with the university in order to help develop into study space easily accessible to students in the city.


Our exam system needs to be clearer and fairer for everybody. To achieve this, I will:

  • Introduce marking guidelines for departments to follow when marking written exams, reducing inconsistency between markers.
  • Work with the different departments in introducing a more personalised exam feedback and allowing the student to view their exam paper with their feedback through Blackboard

Communication & Open Door Policy:

  • I understand that it may be difficult to approach someone with problems and issues. My open door policy is solution for you to be able to come to me with any problems surrounding your course.
  • I will also provide students with a suggestion box where they can anonymously give suggestions for new creative ways to improve the university and their course.
  • I want students to feel that their education is such a valuable part of their lives; I want to have the opportunity to influence your own learning process.


My Vision for the future:


My vision is to incorporate education and the celebration of diversity together through:

  • Making the university a place for students to express themselves
  • Improving students employability skills and opportunities
  • Improve the international student experience in Sheffield Hallam, by promoting Go Global; so that the international students have the benefit to integrate with the other students and make new friends, discover new cultures and improve on their communication skills.


Overall, you will need an Education Officer who has been through a similar experience as yourself. One who will make it their first priority to meet YOUR needs.  And one that will welcome your innovative ideas and opinions. Together, we can the most out of our education.

Meet the candidates: Kimberley Lodge


Education is at the heart of our time at Hallam. It’s what we’re here for, what we pay for, what we expect, but there is room for improvement.


Study spaces:

It’s fair to say we’ve all had the experience of getting close to a deadline and going into the Learning Centre to work, but not managed to find a suitable space to study in, when there’s plenty of hidden, unused rooms around the university that we can’t access. As a priority, I will be starting a dialogue with the university to see how we can make the most of the space we have here, on both campuses, and how we can signpost these best to make use of the excellent spaces and facilities within our University, at a time that suits us.



Frankly, timetabling is a joke – a view that’s shared amongst many students. All of us have had that time where we’ve been faced with a 4 hour gap between lectures, but can’t stand the thought of being cooped up in the Library for that long, then the next day have back-to-back lectures so spread out that we’re left trekking across campus. With Hallam having one of the largest amount of commuter students in the country, along with tightened budgets, meaning that many students have to take on part-time work to get by, and a significant amount of student parents, this has got to change .We need to work on a way forward with the university, to make our timetables both more logical and more practical. I will make sure we get to the bottom of this.


Student feedback:

We have so many inspirational Course & Department Reps here, who are doing great work. But, sadly, the feedback system isn’t working as well as it could be. I will work to strengthen the Student Voice system by doing a review of it to see how we can work together with staff to make it more efficient and engaging, with the aim of empowering all students to make positive, effective changes that will shape the future of Hallam.


Welfare & Inclusivity:

We need to humanise our education. Students are people, not just statistics to be viewed and analysed by management. Our mental health and welfare needs to be at the core of our education here. Without this being supported, our education is worthless. What does education mean for you? For me, a good education is all about celebrating diversity and embedding that into our practices. By opening a dialogue between students and university executives, we will build a more inclusive university experience that will provide even greater benefit to us when we graduate from here and become the professionals of tomorrow.


TEF (-off):

As I’m sure you’re all aware, fees are set to rise again and we’re faced with the TEF. It’s imperative that we continue the fight against these and the other negative changes we’re facing in Higher Education. I will make sure that the students of Hallam are fully supported in continuing to build their presence on a national scale as a force for affordable education.

Through improved feedback systems, smarter timetabling, and a focused approach towards  liberation in education, we can all be involved in making the absolute best of our time here at Hallam.