Meet the candidates: Luke Renwick


If elected I will;

Introduce Recorded Lectures Across Sheffield Hallam University

Abolish Text Book Costs by creating a Semesterly Book Swap Fair

Cheaper & More Varied Food at all University Cafes

– Extend Free Printing and Cash Machines to Collegiate

Introduce Loyalty Cards which reinvest money back into your club or society

Recorded Lectures

  • Getting recorded lectures will make it easier for students to go back, make notes, and even revise from past lectures, with research showing that more students end up engaging. This will also make it easier for disabled students to engage with university after the government cuts to Disabled Students Allowance.

Abolish Text Book Costs

  • I’ll host book swap fairs allowing you to save tonnes of money by swapping your old key text books for the ones that you will need for the next year. In 2010, the National Union of Students said that “the average student spends £1,070 on books, equipment, and so on”.

University Cafes

  • It’s no secret that the costs of café prices can take their toll on our bank balance. I propose that we lobby to extend new café outlets to collegiate campus, make café prices cheaper, and introduce more vegan, vegetarian, dietary and religious food options across all outlets.

Free Printing and Cash Machines at Collegiate

  • Seriously…why don’t we have this yet!? Vote for me and I’ll get this put in place at Collegiate.

Club and Society Loyalty Card

  • At the moment, there aren’t many incentives to use student union outlets. At the same time, there aren’t many quick and easy ways to get funding for your club or society. If I’m elected, I will consult with clubs and societies to create a loyalty card scheme where a percentage of the money spent in SU outlets gets reinvested back into your club or society!

As your current Education Officer I

– Already reduced food prices and opened 5 new Cafe Outlets
– Organised exam week stress relieving activities such as free head massages, chocolate tasting, yoga session and more!
– Increased fundraising for the student mental health charity ‘Student Minds’
– Fought for Sheffield Hallam students’ interests at a national level (NUS)

So what are you waiting for?…



Meet the candidates: Theo Nwankwo

Vote THEO for President
~ #IstandwithTheo

“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.” – Henry A. Kissinger

On resumption at Sheffield Hallam University, it was immediately evident to me, the potentials of how much could be done to craft a fantastic and exciting experience for we students. I joined in several conversations about making a difference and was privileged to have been elected as the 2016/2017 International Students’ Representative. Since then, I have been on the practical path of impacting on the lives of students.

Hi, my name is Theo. This year, I am running for the position of President of Sheffield Hallam Students Union and my objectives are geared towards breaking the status quo and creating life-changing opportunities for students. A lot of focus will be placed on the following issues:

Empowering Student Ideas and Businesses

With me as President, we would be building a creative and innovative Students’ Union. There would be more student-led projects and businesses in the University. Some of us have great ideas of starting up businesses, or raising funds for charities or showcasing their talents; we would ensure that sustainable platforms are put in place to nurture these ideas and help them to blossom.

Café Spaces

We shall provide spaces/outlets where food will be sold by students at reasonable price. This invariably will also offer variety of food on campus whilst improving the   entrepreneurial skills of these students. So whether students are raising money for charity, or improving their business skills, I want to create a Students’ Union that supports initiatives; giving students the power to lead projects within the Students’ Union.

Enterprise Trainings, Mentorships and Professional Guest Lecturers

There shall be more enterprise and skill development trainings, and also mentorship schemes in partnership with local businesses and business professionals, and sports professionals.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

This remains an important topic in the lives of students at Sheffield Hallam. We will talk the University into improving the operations of student wellbeing service, by reducing the appointment waiting time.We shall strive to provide an effective, comprehensive, and timely responsive mental health and wellbeing service centre at the Students’ Union.

All Faculty Reps would be compelled to ensure that faculties institute mental health and wellbeing workshops and trainings for academic and administrative staff and students.

Sports Support

Our sports teams deserve more support. Sports societies require better financial support and funding for logistics and purchase of kits. Sports teams need to be adequately promoted. They are a source of pride to the University and their achievements should be publicised. We would make all that happen.

Continue to Promote Sociocultural Integrations

In 2016 I submitted a policy tagged One Race (see brief details under Policies below), which was passed and an event created around it to promote sociocultural integration amongst all students.

This platform will help students feel more welcome, which will impact positively on their academics, mental health and wellbeing.

Improved Academic Support

Tailored Timetabling

Together we would restructure the academic support provided by the University to fit around students’ timetables. This will allow for more students to participate and receive the necessary support they need to excel.


Practically every student is required to make a presentation during their time at Hallam, these presentations form a huge part of our modules. Our lives and future is about making presentations, whether at job interviews, or pitching our businesses,   or as public officers, it is therefore pertinent to have adequate skills support on presentations. This we shall endeavour to include in our support programme for the benefit of all students.

Reduce Prices of Items

Having affordable food on campus still remains a top necessity and top of my agenda. We have a business consultancy module in the University that works with the University’s Venture Matrix. This module requires students to work on active businesses, to research and develop business models to grow these businesses, just like real world consultants are contracted to do. The process demands extensive research, and the quality of some of the work output from these modules could be revolutionary.

The café and business outlets within the University need to utilize the expertise and commitment of these students to come up with a model that can translate to cheap and affordable meals and items on our campuses.

Equal and Effective Representation

We must have a more inclusive Students’ Union. A Students’ Union that fully and transparently represents all students irrespective of their background or beliefs. A Students’ Union that will promote the participation of all students without any fear of discrimination.

My Experience and Work

International Students’ Rep 2016/2017

It was been my privilege to represent 4000+ international students at the Students’ Union and create projects that positively impacts on all students in the University.

Projects Completed

  • Understanding the difficulties in undertaking research works by students, especially international students, in April 2016; I helped organise a research skills workshop at the University.
  • Created platforms to encourage social integration amongst students.
  • Organised the first International Students Open Mic Session at the Students’ Union.
  • Helped organise the 2016 Black History Month and the BME Open Mic Night.
  • One Race (Coming March 17th, 2017)



I submitted the following policies to the Union Council;

One race (Submitted and Passed – 2016)

The ONE RACE event will create a platform where students’ can work together, to develop a social, educational presentation that integrates several cultures. When students conquer sociocultural challenges, they have a better chance of succeeding in their academics. Being able to interact safely with everyone gives international students a sense of belonging and individual confidence.

TEDxSheffieldHallamUniversity (Submitted and Passed – 2017)

Regarding how powerful a TEDx platform is in sharing ideas and knowledge, I submitted this policy to ensure we have a student-led TEDxSheffieldHallamUniversity that will see the TEDx event hosted annually at the University thereby creating inspiring ideas and thought-provoking conversations amongst students and staff.

With this policy in place, the TEDx event will become part of the Hallam culture, and will enhance the prominence and reputation of the Students’ Union and the University.

Personal Contribution

Besides my role, I worked with the Alumni Development team and with a team of students on the Hallam Fund Campaign to raise £73,000 for the University to support students and life changing projects under Bursaries and Transformational Research.


I appreciate you taking the time to read my manifesto, and hope to chat with you all during the elections week.


Meet the candidates: Emma Kitt

Hi, I’m Emma Kitt, I’m a final year Politics student, and the current Women’s Representative.

I’m running for President because I’m passionate about improving our university, and have seen the ways in which the student’s union can do this.

As President, I would strive to support and represent every student, and make the changes that you want to see. In order to do this I have been asking students what they think the biggest issues are for them on campus, and have identified some myself.

My main policy points are as follows:

  • Recording lectures and making them available online.
  • Increasing the limit of counselling sessions currently available to students.
  • Creating more diversity of thinkers on the core curriculum of traditionally ‘male-oriented subjects’.
  • Ensuring students feel supported by lecturers after an absence.
  • Increasing the amount of vegetarian and vegan options on campus.
  • Ensuring the books at each campus library are reflective of the courses of those who are more likely to use that library.
  • Removing laundry fees in student halls.
  • Implementing a union supported campaign to target sexual harassment throughout Sheffield.
  • Creating a time limit of how quickly lecturers need to reply to emails regarding assignments and exams.
  • Providing hot water in the libraries overnight.


Recording lectures

Recording lectures is one of the main policies I would like to implement as President. This is something that is important to me, as lectures often make up the majority of sessions on a course, and missing a lecture due to illness can cause students to fall behind, particularly when lecturers add important information during the lecture that is not available on the slides. This would also be a useful revision aid, allowing students to re-watch lectures when necessary, either when they need extra clarification for something, or if they need to refresh their memory. Offering recorded lectures online could also be beneficial for students who have mental health problems, and feel like they are unable to attend a session. By allowing them to access the lectures online, they would be able to stay up to date, without feeling pressured into attending a lecture if they do not feel comfortable to do so.


Counselling sessions

Mental health support facilities are lacking across the UK, and I believe it is our university’s responsibility to do more to help students who are suffering. While it’s great that our university offers some counselling sessions to students, I would like to see the limit of sessions per student increased, or made unlimited, as some people need more sessions than others, and may feel restricted by only being offered a certain amount.


Introducing more diversity

I am also interested in increasing the amount of diversity on the core curriculums of each subject to ensure course content is not dominated by white male academics, particularly more traditionally ‘male-orientated’ subjects, such as Politics and the Sciences. This is a project I have started in my role as the Women’s Representative, and is a project I would like to continue as President.


Ensuring students feel supported by lecturers

University can be a challenging time, and it may not be possible for some students to attend every timetabled session on their course. I would like to see a system of some kind implemented where if a student returns after a period of absence, this is not remarked upon by a lecturer in front of their peers. This can be a source of embarrassment for students, who are made to feel more guilty about missing sessions, and can cause anxiety about returning to lectures and seminars after a break. If lecturers wish to speak to students about their absence, I believe this should be done in private, as it can be a sensitive issue for some.


Increasing the range of vegetarian and vegan food available

As more and more people are adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, it is disappointing to see that there is not a range of options provided on our university campuses. I would like to implement more food options, so that students can have a variety of choices regarding what they would like to eat, and not be confined to the only available option.


Book placements in the libraries

I would also like to identify whether the books on each campus are reflective of the courses based on those campuses. Often it seems like the required reading is on the opposite campus, and this can be an issue when working to tight deadlines. Therefore I would like to analyse which courses require which books, and see whether any can be moved to a more suitable location.


Removing laundry fees in student halls

Rent prices for student halls are known to be over-priced, and students are often unable to cover the costs with just their loans. It seems absurd that students renting a room in halls – often for around £30 more per week than those renting houses –  are unable to use the washing machines for free. Leeds University have become the first university in the country to offer students 20 ‘credits’ for around 20 free washes per year in university-owned halls. It is estimated that students may spend between £50-£100 per year on washes alone, and with rent prices constantly rising, having to pay this extra fee for the washing machines is causing issues for students who already cannot afford their accommodation. This is a policy I would like to be seen initiated in the halls around Sheffield, with aims to lobby big companies such as Unite to implement a free credit-based system.


Union supported campaign against sexual harassment

Introducing a campaign against sexual harassment is another policy I have begun looking into throughout my role as Women’s Representative, and one which I feel is more important than ever. In my first year at university, I saw flyers around our students’ union advertising the ‘Good Night Out’ campaign, which allowed students unions, bars, and nightclubs to sign up to the pledge that sexual harassment would not be tolerated on their premises. I am interested in reintroducing a similar campaign, working alongside local businesses, bars, and nightclubs around Sheffield, to ensure that students feel safe wherever they go. I would also like to follow in the footsteps of some bars across the country that have gained attention for their introduction of a policy which allows people feeling unsafe to tell a member of staff using a code word, who will ensure that they can safely leave the premises if they feel threatened. I think this is such a great idea, and would really like to see it implemented in Sheffield, supported by our students’ union.


Email response time

University can be a stressful time, made a lot easier by ongoing support from lecturers who are on hand to help with any problems we have. However, when working to deadlines, it can be frustrating and difficult for students when they do not receive answers from their lecturers. While lecturers are understandably very busy, and reply when they have time, I have seen times when students have waited several weeks for a response. This can halt work progress, particularly if a student needs help regarding an assignment and cannot proceed without this help. Therefore I would like to implement a reasonable response time in which lecturers need to respond to students. Provisionally I would like to make this as ten working days, however I plan to speak directly to university staff to ensure that this is a reasonable request, and would be happy to adjust this response time accordingly.


Hot water in the library

During the exam and assignment periods, the library is an important place for all of us. While it is good to have hot water in the library, I would like to introduce this as a 24-hour policy, for those of us who prefer to use the library overnight.


I would like to be your student’s union president because I care about the wellbeing of every student at this university, and would love to have the opportunity to improve it in any way I can. If there are any other issues that you believe need addressing, please contact me about them so that I can add them to my policy list. This is important to me because this role is not about what I think is best; it is about representing what every student needs changing or improving to ensure they get the best experience out of Sheffield Hallam.


If you have any further questions about my campaign or my policies, you can email me on, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Thank you for reading this and please vote Emma Kitt for #1!

Meet the candidates: Ireoluwa Akinfisoye

Securing a brighter future full of opportunities.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is uncertain of the future, I don’t have a clear plan of what I want to do for the rest of my life and I don’t have a career planned out. But I feel like many of us share this feeling.

I want to help everyone to be sure that they’re not alone in this, there are plenty of opportunities and prospects for us as Sheffield Hallam students, a lot of which I don’t think are presented to us well enough.

I want to develop and progress our links with local and national industries and provide opportunities for students with employers. Industry experience is so vital, although there is an effort, I don’t think the Uni currently does enough and I want to change that. I want to take advantage of the great links Hallam already has with various industries. Why can’t we use these links and have them not only come in and provide workshops/talks etc, but also show employers that Hallam has great students with a fantastic ethos that would be an amazing asset to their businesses.

University should be fun, it should be a great experience, not just academically. Sometimes it feels like there’s only a buzz around varsity, but once a year isn’t good enough, I would love the chance to be able to create a varsity buzz all year round.

We can have a positive future, everyone to be included, a sense of belonging and community at the University.