Meet the candidates: Josh Nimmins

Hey there!

I’m currently a 3rd year Sport Science student, and have been the Snow-sports president for the last 2 years. During that time I have learnt a lot about sport and how it works at Hallam, I have experienced many ups and downs and I plan to use my experience to improve sport and physical activity for everyone at Hallam! Making me the perfect person to represent you!

I’ve talked to many sports people at Hallam and below are some of the things I will do if elected:


1.  Re-design team Hallam membership structure, giving control and flexibility to clubs to end the current one-size-fits-all approach, paying for what you need and use.

2.  Break up the cost of team Hallam, paying in installments rather than one big cost.

3.  Give more clubs access to the right facilities and coaching they need to develop no matter their size.

4.  Create a find-a-friend online community for those looking to try a new sport but feel scared to go alone.

5.  Start a “Sport Swap” program for clubs to showcase their sport and increase participation and recruitment.

6.  Create a social media stream that all clubs at Hallam can use to broadcast their success to everyone at SHU.

7.  Find a more suitable kit supplier that works for all sports not just a few.

8.  More frequent meetings with club committees to allow feedback to be acted upon quicker.

This list is of course not carved in stone, I promise to work with everyone to make a positive change and improve sport and physical activity for all!

Meet the candidates: Christopher Elcock


Hi, my name is Christopher Elcock and I am running for the Sports and Physical Activities Officer role. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am currently in my final year studying physical education and school sport with aspirations to train towards becoming a primary P.E specialist at the end of my studies. I am currently a member of Hallam Swimming, last year’s club of the year, of which I have captained and finally led as both vice-chair and chairman in my final year. Alongside this I have been a sports activator for the last two years and so I have seen almost every aspect of sport that Hallam has to offer, from top to bottom.

Sport has significantly shaped my life and made me the person I am. I think to participate in sport is one of the most important things a person can do in life. Training 8 times a week in and out of the pool alongside a second family in the build up to varsity is one of the most rewarding and amazing things I have ever done. I am sure that many sports people can relate to this and, as such it is my mission to help everyone achieve such an experience, whether you already belong to a team or wish to access one. As your Sports and Physical Activities Officer I would look to make change amongst all levels of university sport. Developing participation at a base level is bound to have a facilitating effect for all sport whilst expanding the opportunities for our sports teams can breed success. Hallam has great talent, it just needs nurturing.

What are my main policies?

I spoke of seeing sport from top to bottom within the university and as such I believe I can bring something for everyone.

  1. Improve participation at a social level and show people that there are plenty of opportunities to access a sport of their choice.
  2. Place a higher priority on our sports teams through improving access to performance facilities and funding.
  3. Create leaders within the clubs. Identify those with the potential to be great leaders for their teams and support the growth of these skills. With great leadership, comes great success.

Meet the candidates: Alice Butler

i everyone, I’m Alice Butler a 3rd year Physical Activity, Sport & Health student running for the position of Sports and Physical Activities Officer 2017/2018.

During my 3 years at university I have had a constant involvement in sport through participating in a number of different sports throughout my degree, sitting on the Women’s Lacrosse committee, and working alongside the previous and current Sports and Physical Activities Officers whilst being a member of the Students’ Union Sports Committee. I believe that my personal involvement – from trying new sports to helping improve the Women’s Lacrosse development program, and the knowledge from my degree has given me the skills required to succeed in this role and address the current barriers preventing people from getting involved.

With me as your Sports and Physical Activities Officer I aim to target 5 key areas: Team Hallam, Social Sport, Inclusivity, Wellbeing and Community & Volunteering.

Team Hallam

  • I will provide students with a breakdown of what the Team Hallam Membership pays for and look to offer an alternative payment plan instead of paying the full amount at the beginning of the year.
  • I want to standardise coaching quality and training schedules across all clubs regardless of their level or focus sport status and introduce a monthly ran feedback system whereby I meet with clubs to discuss progress and areas to improve.
  • I will utilise Facebook, Twitter and other relevant media platforms to promote teams and provide coverage of Wednesday’s fixtures to encourage spectatorship throughout the year, not just at Varsity.
  • Look into providing sport specific tours on open days to visit facilities such as the EIS, Ponds Forge and Sports Park to attract students to Sheffield Hallam.

Social Sport

  • I am going to promote social sport across the university and trial more sports sessions on weekends to meet the demands of those who are unable to participate during the week.
  • ‘Try It Out Tuesday’ will have a weekly/bi-weekly slot to showcase a different sport each week with a free session. This will allow students to try a new sport and be sign-posted to clubs or social sessions where appropriate.
  • I will also work with the Disabled Students’ Committee to introduce at least 3 new inclusive sports to the social sports timetable where there is demand to do so.

Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity

  • I will work alongside committee’s and part-time reps to develop more opportunities for liberation groups and mature students to encourage participation in sport and physical activity.
  • Look in to creating a supported Sports Rep role for all Student Union Committees to work closely with myself to promote sport and physical activity within the liberation groups and under-represented students.
  • I want to trial a ‘Ladies’ and ‘Beginners’ night at both City and Collegiate gym where an allotted time is set aside to create a relaxed, accessible environment for those who may not feel comfortable exercising in the stereotypical gym-setting.

Wellbeing Campaign

  • I want to work alongside the Advice Centre to deliver a mental health campaign that promotes the benefits engaging in sport and physical activity has on student wellbeing.
  • During exam periods I will implement a get active campaign (Stressed? Step on it’) to encourage students to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, as keeping active can help maintain a healthy mind.

Community & Volunteering

  • Continue to work with the Union’s community partners to create more volunteering and work experience opportunities to all students to increase employability and give back to the community.

Meet the candidates: Jordan Bell

I have been privileged enough to become Chairman and Secretary of athletics over the past 2 years during this time we have managed attain a healthier financial position. Improved participation in local events and BUCS by 20%. My interests don’t just cover athletics if someone peddles kicks rallies bowls shoots does anything sporting I will have an interest in it. I will visit every team on a regular basis if elected.  So I have seen what the issues that are current and act with best interests of students at heart This year I had the pleasure of organizing BUCS XC for 2000 students being regarded as the best championships in recent memory. This should be able to make varsity and sports ball a bigger spectacle.  And with a Degree in Sports Business Management I can’t think of anything that is more suited to what I can do


  • Performance-based budget allocation (more victories, more money)
  • Designated Social Space + social activities for sports clubs
  • Affordable “Placement students” Team Hallam package
  • Events fund to encourage hosting BUCS Events
  • Entire Team Hallam social activities
  • Introduce a personalised website system so each club has a website.
  • Continued growth of the Varsity and enhancing spectator atmosphere

Meet the candidates: Laura Baggs

My name is Laura Baggs, some of you may know me as “Baggsy”. I am currently your 2016/17 Sports and Physical Activity Officer. I have really enjoyed my year in post representing and achieving a great deal for students and would absolutely love it if I could continue with this for another year.

Throughout this year I have gained a great deal of experience especially around the background of the Student’s Union and the relationship between the Union and the University. This has been a steep learning curve but I believe that I have risen to the challenge and achieved a lot for students over the last 8 months.

I believe that I have much more to do and to offer you, as Sports and Physical Activity Officer. I have the skills and now a great level of experience under my belt to continue to work for you as students and to further achieve developments in some areas and to firmly create others.

Here are a few reasons for me to continue in this role for another year…..

1. Student Feedback Sessions – To continue with monthly Chair and Captain’s breakfasts.

2. To increase the amount of clubs involved with community volunteer projects.

3. To increase publications around campus, of weekly results and achievements for all clubs.

4. Disability in Sport – To make this a bigger event and create a legacy for part time/full time officers to deliver year after year

5.  Transfer of Sport – Ensure that all sport remains at a high during the transfer of sport from union to university


1. Student Feedback Sessions – To continue with monthly Chair and Captain Breakfasts

I will continue to organise Chair and Captain’s breakfasts every month, to allow students to give feedback on any issues they are struggling with as a club, committee or individually. These have worked extremely well this year, especially with the transfer of sport from the Students Union to the University. Regular contact with committees has allowed pro-active action to be taken ensuring the overall experience as a member of Team Hallam can be improved.

2. To increase the amount of clubs involved with community volunteer projects

Volunteering is a fantastic thing to be a part of, so doing this as a part of your club or your team is always brilliant.  I want to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities available for sports clubs to provide a variety of involvement for clubs.  I will work together with the Welfare and Community Officer, Activities Officers and the volunteer team at the Students Union to ensure this will be successful.

3. To increase the publication around campus of weekly results and achievements for all clubs

It is vital to continue with the publication of weekly results and achievements, for all clubs across campus and on social media. Monthly info-graphics of Team Hallam results have been created and sent out to all clubs. I would like to get performance of the week and the overall BUCS position for the Sheffield Hallam advertised in more areas of the university i.e. city campus screens, collegiate (HoC), weekly pop up banners

4. Disability in Sport

I am determined to continue to increase the success and awareness of the Disability in Sport Campaign across campus.  The campaign has worked really well and has allowed students and sports clubs to get involved with many events that happened throughout the week. I would like to build on this success and increase the number, improve the quality of events next year and make it a much bigger experience for everyone. I believe that I have made a great start with this campaign and I want to be able to create a legacy for part time and full time officers to deliver year after year.

5. To ensure that the delivery of sport due to the transfer is still at a high standard

I will ensure that the membership structure and sporting pathway is known to all clubs right from the beginning of the academic year. This will ensure that each specific club has a clear understanding of the breakdown of the structure, i.e. finances, sporting pathway, structure and delivery of sport for their club.