Meet the candidates: Molly Williams

It’s time for it to be your day, your week, your month, and your year. I’ll be there for you.

Candidate Profile

Multiple deadlines in one week, poor sleeping pattern, heating broken again, can’t afford to pay your rent – as Welfare and Community Officer I would have your back with any problem you may face throughout your student life at Hallam. As current Sheffield Editor of The University Paper, News and Lifestyle Editor of H Magazine, writer for H News, and a course rep I understand first-hand the issues Hallam students face. From unaffordable living costs and dealing with dodgy landlords to making sure you put time aside from your studies to look after yourself. I am committed to developing a community where every student feels happy, valued, safe, and has their voice heard. I’ll be there for you.

Key Manifesto Points

1. Campaign to prioritise mental wellbeing. Through monthly self-care events including expert speakers on managing student life, freebies to help pamper and look after yourself as well as developing a strong social-media presence to offer advice and encourage discussion to beat the stigma around mental health. Conduct a large survey to understand what affects students’ mental wellbeing at Hallam and, with the university, use the information to make effective improvements to welfare in all aspects of student life.

2. Support with housing. By developing an accessible system where students can lodge a complaint about their landlord to gain direct support from the union, introducing a Rate My Landlord website where students can easily share experiences to better judge housing, and continue to promote Snug-approved properties. Organise protests against rises in rent prices.

3. Increase awareness of student services such as financial support by continuing to communicate effectively between the university and students.

4. Continue to build on the success of Healthy Hallam. Introduce regular cooking video tutorials on tasty, affordable, easy to make meals using reciepies from professionals and ones submitted by Hallam students and build up a Hallam cookbook for students.

5. Work closely with South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner on student-related safety and prevention of crime such as sexual harassment, burglaries, and racial abuse.

6. Continue to lobby Sheffield councillors to support student issues and include them in their manifestos.

7. Ensure every student feels represented, welcomed, and valued as part of the Hallam community in every aspect of student life.

Don’t be a wally, vote for Molly!

Meet the candidates: Abi Prettyman

Who I Am:

Union Council Deputy Chair & Open Space Rep
President of AIM Society & Equal Ops for Hallam Climbing
English Language (Lvl 6) Course Rep

What I’ll Do:

Making YOU better – Mental & Physical Health & Wellbeing. Including:

  • Accessible FREE contraception
  • Accessible FREE sanitary items at the Union
  • FREE anti-spiking drink stoppers
  • FREE panic alarms
  • Introduce regular wellbeing sessions (e.g. yoga)
  • Investigate the efficiency of the processes across Student Wellbeing and Disabled Student Support (Including Learning Contracts)
  • Continue & develop the Healthy Hallam Initiative (wellbeing & mental health, general health, sexual health)

Making the UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE better – Equality & Accessibility, Housing. Including:

  • Support the SNUG Scheme to improve the quality of student housing
  • Improve Access between Union and City Campus
  • Improve Bike Storage, Shelter & Security
  • Supporting the Sports Officer to limited Wednesday afternoon classes, promoting physical & mental wellbeing
  • Champion feedback from students

Making the WORLD better – Sustainability. Inclduing:

  • More Veggie/Vegan/GF food options (plus investigate demand for any other common dietary requirements)
  • Accessible recycling facilities in all Union outlets
  • Work towards accessible recycling facilities at Residential Halls
  • Campaign for use of sustainable alternatives across campus
  • Work to strengthen ties and work alongside local causes and charities within the community


  • A Freshers’ Festival to improve Union visibility
  • Competitions to improve student engagement (Prizes may inc. Taxi credit, Bar voucher, free coffee, Supermarket giftcard, etc.)
  • Featured groups or organisations every month – learn more about the people who want to help!

I’m a course rep for BA English Language (Level 6). In the Autumn Elections, YOU voted me as Union Council Open Space Rep, I was then elected Deputy Chair. I am the Events Coordinator for AIM (musical performance) Society, and the returning Equal Opportunities Officer for Hallam Climbing. I was formerly President of Sheffield Jewish Society. I am also a current member of staff at the Union, so you might have seen me around!

I have wanted to run for this position since I was in my first year, and have steadily compiled a list of things I want to do to make OUR university experience better. Although some of my plans have already been put into action, I’ve still managed to keep some for the upcoming year.

Meet the candidates: Miriam Mesfun

Hey Hallam! Miriam Mesfun, here.  I am a postgrad student and I study IT management. I have worked with Refugee Council part time for almost a year now and in my time there I have met people from different walks of life who face all sorts of hardships. This experience combined with the challenges I have faced as a student have taught me a lot about the importance of mental health, empathy and putting peoples’ needs first.


Why Am I Running?

I’m running because I want to be part of the change in the university and a voice for students. I want better wellbeing services and support for students, which right now takes almost a week just to get an appointment after registering; the university to be inclusive and I want all of us to take advantage of the opportunities in the university.




Health & Wellbeing

Although we cannot get rid of stress and problems during university, we can make sure we have enough support and guidance through it all. I wish to focus on developing and improving, with support from the university, the counselling and mental health services that are provided on campus.

Moreover, I want to create awareness of issues around sexual health and work towards a separate sexual health clinic being set up on campus as it is an important aspect of university.



I wish to stress on inclusiveness of Disabled community, LGBTQ community, International students as well as Black and Minority Ethnic groups (BME).



Let’s do more for the community! We can do this by organizing more fundraising events and collaborating with RAG.

I want to students to have access to volunteering opportunities more and encourage one off volunteering for those who have less time.



I want students to have more opportunities and help with their career path and in finding the right jobs that best fit them (personality tests, job shadowing, internships etc.).



I want to advocate for student friendly prices (e.g. Food) in the university and longer opening hours of eating outlets (e.g. Weekends).




Will advocate for reasonable hall/private housing prices for students

Work with Snug approved landlords to allow shorter contracts

Make sure students read and are aware of contractual obligations before signing with a landlord.

I commit to all of the above but more than that I commit to listen to the needs of the students and be their voice in the university. #unlimitedyou #votemiriam #onerace #unityindiversity #extramile #hallamtillidie #hallamnation


Snapchat, twitter, periscope: mirs808

Facebook: Miriam Mesfun



Meet the candidates: Tasha Marples

Building connections, breaking down barriers #TASHA4WELFARE

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.”
– Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Hey, I’m Tasha, and I’m hoping to become your Welfare and Community Officer for 2017/18. I’m currently in my second year of Aerospace Engneering, and I’m the Health and Safety Officer for the Women’s Rugby Union team.

So if you vote for me, what will you get?

First and foremost, I would be YOUR voice, so listening to new ideas, concerns or any other issues from any student is my main priority.

Alongside this I aim to achieve 4 main goals:


To use social sport and community events to improve mental health by running social sessions at a discount rate throughout the year, with a focus on mental health week. To use these events to boost the inclusion of postgraduate students, mature students and others who feel they may not have an opportunity to be part of social Hallam. I would also like to invite voluntary groups/ old peoples homes/ animal shelters to come to collaborative coffee mornings or social events at the HUBS to strengthen the bond between the community and the university.


To improve and progess the safe taxi scheme, to trial a shuttle bus from nightclubs for a safer journey home, and to reach out to uber to see how they can help keep Hallam students safe. Safety is a very important topic, and I would dedicate a large amount of my time to make sure that Hallam students feel safe in Sheffield, especially during the evenings.


To install sensory de-stress rooms in the libraries so students can relax in a calm and quiet enviroment to boost productivity. The idea is taken from sensory gardens/rooms which use soft lighting and gentle sounds to help people with disabilities to deal with sensory overload or recover from impairment. The room would include things like bean bags, lava lamps, headphones and other objects to reduce stress. I feel the addition of these rooms to the libraries will help people refocus quicker when deadlines and exams are near.


To make HUBS and the Students Union a central part of life at Hallam, for both city and collegiate campus. This could be achieved by opening HUBS on University open days and showcasing the best things about HUBS, so prospective students can already be invloved. Or, during the first few weeks of Uni, finding new ways to involve the freshers with life at the Students Union. The way events are promoted needs to be re-evaluated, and I would work with the other officers and staff to find a successful way to promote the HUBS to Hallam students.

Welfare at Hallam is already a strong part of the University, and I would hope to build on the hard work made by previous officers while developing new projects based on the current needs of the students and the university.

Please give me this opportunity to represent you!

Meet the candidates: Katie Harwood

My name’s Katie, and I’m running to be your next Welfare and Community Officer! Below are just some of the things I want to achieve in my elected year, as I feel strongly about their importance:

Wellbeing around Hallam

  • I will work hard to signpost the services that are already available to students, but that aren’t always seen, such as mental health services, sexual health services, and education advice!
  • I will continue to develop the Healthy Hallam initiatives as bought in by previous Welfare Officers, and spread the campaign far and wide across both campuses.
  • I will continue to implement more and more mental health initiatives for all groups of students, and to remind everyone that “it’s ok not to be ok”.
  • I’m keen to work with all faculties to try to ensure that free water is available in every building across the university.

Around Hallam Students’ Union

  • I will work with the union and other officers to implement improved methods of communication and engagement with student, such as opt-in text schemes.
  • I will work closely with societies and their committees, particularly Equal Ops, to ensure that all is being done to promote the wellbeing of all students and society members, and ensuring that all societies are heard when it comes to issues surrounding the students’ union.
  • I will also ensure that students can come and see me with any issues, providing appointments or drop in times to chat to students about any concerns they may have.


  • I will implement more budgeting and money management workshops across the academic year for students to get involved and learn how to make their money go further.
  • I will signpost the Advice Centre to students who may be struggling to manage their money, and the advice they may be able to offer
  • I will implement a ‘How to Eat Healthily on a Budget’ scheme, including meal planning and shopping list templates, downloadable meal cards and recipes, and starter kits for first year students just moving in to halls.


  • I will work closely with accommodation services and the university to ease housing transitions- when first coming to university; when moving into your houses later on; and moving out at the end of university.
  • I will also engage with more landlords, working on a one to one basis to encourage them to work towards being certified by the SNUG scheme to help protect students when moving into houses around the city.

Meet the candidates: Dara Doyle

Hi, I’m Dara Doyle and I want to be your welfare and community officer. I’m just the average student, someone who’s able to quote every line of The Office, someone who gets overly competitive during varsity and someone who always thinks he can handle just one more shot.

So why should I be your welfare and community officer? I feel like the three years as a student should be unforgettable and things like safety and housing shouldn’t get in your way. I have loads of ideas about what can be improved but here’s the main things we can do. 

Finding a place to live can be stressful, I will try and take the pressure off by:

  • Creating an app accessible only by Hallam students for leaving honest reviews of their landlords and rate their experiences on issues like deposits, maintenance repairs and costs.
  • Arranging a period where landlords will drop their application and admin fees, which can cost up to £95.
  • Working with landlords to put in place 6 month term housing contracts for students doing short placements.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your safety, I will make you feel more protected by:

  • Broadening our zero tolerance to sexual harassment policy so that all the union’s partners and all Sheffield’s nightclub’s staff are up to scratch.
  • Starting night shuttle bus from Adsetts to all the student accommodations and Ecclesall road with increased services during exam periods.
  • Work with the local council and police to identify high risk areas and make sure all of our students know where they are and when to avoid them.

Taking even small steps can really help put someone’s mind to rest, this can happen through:

  • All course reps and society and sport team committee members should being trained in spotting the signs of possible mental health issues and who to get in contact with within the support team.
  • Inviting experts to do Ted Talks style events on the causes and how to take better care of your mental health.

How is this possible?

By working closely with the council and utilising the talent our students already have we can strengthen our position against landlords, protect our peers and put minds as ease.


Meet the candidates: Lucy Adams

Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m running for your Welfare and Community Officer 2017/18. I’m a second year studying for a degree in Computer Security with Forensics. This year I’m the president for SHSU Harmonies and love it! Welfare is such an important issue within a university, it is crucial that every student feels supported, included, and listened to. I would love to transfer my skills and continue to make Sheffield Hallam a safe and comfortable place to study, live and have fun!

My main priorities are:

Mental health

I aim to work with staff and students to increase awareness of how mental health can impact studies. This will be done by:

  • Introducing more union workshops and online resources dealing with work anxiety and stress
  • Create an online portal or a mobile app, linking all welfare related services together. There’s so much information and help available, but often students aren’t aware of them and they can be difficult to find.

General Wellbeing

  • Introduce stress management sessions, especially around exam times, in areas such as:
    • Mindfulness
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
  • Free sanitary products and contraception in the union, freely and easily available.
  • Cycling Scheme!
  • Ensure that financial information is very accessible to students.


  • Campaign for gender neutral bathrooms around campus
  • Dietary requirement / vegan options in ALL Hallam Cafés
  • More freshers events to help make your first week away from home less scary!
  • Rejuvenation of Re-Freshers week in January, making it easier for January-start students to feel included and make friends.


  • Raise more awareness for sexual assault and consent, by working with local bars and nightlife.
  • Introduction of a night bus that would run between nightlife, halls, and Ecclesall Road, ensuring that all students have a great and safe night out.


  • Work with landlords and make sure that they are sticking to contract terms.
  • Shorter private tenancy agreements.
    • Some landlords have a minimum of 12-month contract lengths, which is unnecessary for those at university for only 9 months of the year. I will work with these tenants and landlords to come to a more reasonable solution.
  • Keep an eye on halls pricing
    • And work with students to make sure their living arrangements is of the highest standard possible!
  • Run flatmate-finder events to make it easier to fill that extra room in your shared house.


  • Keep working with local charities and businesses to continue increasing community involvement within the university.
  • Organise local work experience and volunteering in areas relevant to your degree, fitting around university timetables.
  • Work with The University of Sheffield and organise more joint events.

Meet the candidates: Mohammed Abdulredha

Hi everyone,

My name is Mohammed Abdulredha, I am studying MBA (Masters of Business Administration), I thrive to be a distinctive student in the field by going through the journey with my classmates as a team, and through our friendship, I believe we will have the power to excel.

Unfortunately, I have recently lost a friend, who’s life story inspired me to be your next student welfare and community officer. When we were 12, my friend was on his way to school at 7 a.m., where he was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. From that day, until the day he passed away, he felt and believed that education caused his pain which caused him to abandon school and despise knowledge. I never made it on time to help my friend, but his story is my motivation and is what drives this movement. Therefore, as your community and welfare officer, I will take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and welfare is as good as it can ever be, by spreading awareness, providing aid and ensuring that you always have a fair opportunity to get all the support you need so that we all have an extraordinary life experience here at SHU.


Our Student Union mission is to be the difference in student life, and I will carry on with 2020 vision which aims to make the student union the recognised representative for students at SHU, have a responsive and interactive presence with students and make engagement with the SU the second nature for all students.

Why I want to be your community and welfare officer

I will carry on with the predecessor’s action plan and ensure all the objectives are achieved. Additionally, I seek to promote the points below.

  • Teaching learning and course:
  • Reduce financial burden on students by providing annual printing and scanning credits.
  • Maintain equality by following up and stressing the importance of anonymity in marking.
  • Your representation and opinions:
  • Follow up and stress the need for halal and vegan food.
  • Ensure your voice is heard by improving communication between student and department rep.
  • Support and empower liberation groups to not only commemorate their culture but also encourage them to work together, alongside with the student union to sustain equality in the SHU community as a whole.
  • Your university life and environment:
  • Continue and improve upon the efforts in promoting mental health which ensures that the Student Union has the capacity and the capability to provide students with the appropriate support whenever they need it.
  • Fix the broken entertainment equipment and ask the students what do they want to see in the hubs.
  • Bring out more equipment and activities for disabled students to engage with the student union.
  • Firmly address landlord exploitation, accommodation issues and provide accessible financial aid.
  • My roles in the university:
  • Mentor at culture connect.
  • Leading “Coding Club” volunteering project.
  • Completed the Student Union Leadership program.
  • Volunteered to work with a consultancy team to provide business solutions for SYAC.

It is about time for students to take the lead in shaping their future, as your community and welfare officer, I promise to make changes that will allow you to get the best academic and professional value for your money and venture in the university world. I have been an International student in the UK for more than four years now, and I am aware of the hardships that you may face and the happiness you can experience. Hence, I pledge that I will be there to support all students in their journey and ensure that they get what they need to be the best version of themselves, here at Sheffield Hallam University.