Meet the candidates: Abi Prettyman

Vote For Abi I Have A Sweet Manifesto, And I’m Really Good At Welfare Wellbeing • Equality • Sustainability

Who I Am:

Union Council Deputy Chair & Open Space Rep
President of AIM Society & Equal Ops for Hallam Climbing
English Language (Lvl 6) Course Rep

What I’ll Do:

Making YOU better – Mental & Physical Health & Wellbeing. Including:

  • Accessible FREE contraception
  • Accessible FREE sanitary items at the Union
  • FREE anti-spiking drink stoppers
  • FREE panic alarms
  • Introduce regular wellbeing sessions (e.g. yoga)
  • Investigate the efficiency of the processes across Student Wellbeing and Disabled Student Support (Including Learning Contracts)
  • Continue & develop the Healthy Hallam Initiative (wellbeing & mental health, general health, sexual health)

Making the UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE better – Equality & Accessibility, Housing. Including:

  • Support the SNUG Scheme to improve the quality of student housing
  • Improve Access between Union and City Campus
  • Improve Bike Storage, Shelter & Security
  • Supporting the Sports Officer to limited Wednesday afternoon classes, promoting physical & mental wellbeing
  • Champion feedback from students

Making the WORLD better – Sustainability. Inclduing:

  • More Veggie/Vegan/GF food options (plus investigate demand for any other common dietary requirements)
  • Accessible recycling facilities in all Union outlets
  • Work towards accessible recycling facilities at Residential Halls
  • Campaign for use of sustainable alternatives across campus
  • Work to strengthen ties and work alongside local causes and charities within the community


  • A Freshers’ Festival to improve Union visibility
  • Competitions to improve student engagement (Prizes may inc. Taxi credit, Bar voucher, free coffee, Supermarket giftcard, etc.)
  • Featured groups or organisations every month – learn more about the people who want to help!

I’m a course rep for BA English Language (Level 6). In the Autumn Elections, YOU voted me as Union Council Open Space Rep, I was then elected Deputy Chair. I am the Events Coordinator for AIM (musical performance) Society, and the returning Equal Opportunities Officer for Hallam Climbing. I was formerly President of Sheffield Jewish Society. I am also a current member of staff at the Union, so you might have seen me around!

I have wanted to run for this position since I was in my first year, and have steadily compiled a list of things I want to do to make OUR university experience better. Although some of my plans have already been put into action, I’ve still managed to keep some for the upcoming year.

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