Meet the candidates: Dara Doyle

Here’s to keeping students together.

Hi, I’m Dara Doyle and I want to be your welfare and community officer. I’m just the average student, someone who’s able to quote every line of The Office, someone who gets overly competitive during varsity and someone who always thinks he can handle just one more shot.

So why should I be your welfare and community officer? I feel like the three years as a student should be unforgettable and things like safety and housing shouldn’t get in your way. I have loads of ideas about what can be improved but here’s the main things we can do. 

Finding a place to live can be stressful, I will try and take the pressure off by:

  • Creating an app accessible only by Hallam students for leaving honest reviews of their landlords and rate their experiences on issues like deposits, maintenance repairs and costs.
  • Arranging a period where landlords will drop their application and admin fees, which can cost up to £95.
  • Working with landlords to put in place 6 month term housing contracts for students doing short placements.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your safety, I will make you feel more protected by:

  • Broadening our zero tolerance to sexual harassment policy so that all the union’s partners and all Sheffield’s nightclub’s staff are up to scratch.
  • Starting night shuttle bus from Adsetts to all the student accommodations and Ecclesall road with increased services during exam periods.
  • Work with the local council and police to identify high risk areas and make sure all of our students know where they are and when to avoid them.

Taking even small steps can really help put someone’s mind to rest, this can happen through:

  • All course reps and society and sport team committee members should being trained in spotting the signs of possible mental health issues and who to get in contact with within the support team.
  • Inviting experts to do Ted Talks style events on the causes and how to take better care of your mental health.

How is this possible?

By working closely with the council and utilising the talent our students already have we can strengthen our position against landlords, protect our peers and put minds as ease.


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