Meet the candidates: Katie Harwood

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My name’s Katie, and I’m running to be your next Welfare and Community Officer! Below are just some of the things I want to achieve in my elected year, as I feel strongly about their importance:

Wellbeing around Hallam

  • I will work hard to signpost the services that are already available to students, but that aren’t always seen, such as mental health services, sexual health services, and education advice!
  • I will continue to develop the Healthy Hallam initiatives as bought in by previous Welfare Officers, and spread the campaign far and wide across both campuses.
  • I will continue to implement more and more mental health initiatives for all groups of students, and to remind everyone that “it’s ok not to be ok”.
  • I’m keen to work with all faculties to try to ensure that free water is available in every building across the university.

Around Hallam Students’ Union

  • I will work with the union and other officers to implement improved methods of communication and engagement with student, such as opt-in text schemes.
  • I will work closely with societies and their committees, particularly Equal Ops, to ensure that all is being done to promote the wellbeing of all students and society members, and ensuring that all societies are heard when it comes to issues surrounding the students’ union.
  • I will also ensure that students can come and see me with any issues, providing appointments or drop in times to chat to students about any concerns they may have.


  • I will implement more budgeting and money management workshops across the academic year for students to get involved and learn how to make their money go further.
  • I will signpost the Advice Centre to students who may be struggling to manage their money, and the advice they may be able to offer
  • I will implement a ‘How to Eat Healthily on a Budget’ scheme, including meal planning and shopping list templates, downloadable meal cards and recipes, and starter kits for first year students just moving in to halls.


  • I will work closely with accommodation services and the university to ease housing transitions- when first coming to university; when moving into your houses later on; and moving out at the end of university.
  • I will also engage with more landlords, working on a one to one basis to encourage them to work towards being certified by the SNUG scheme to help protect students when moving into houses around the city.
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