Meet the candidates: Lucy Adams

Lucy Cares!

Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m running for your Welfare and Community Officer 2017/18. I’m a second year studying for a degree in Computer Security with Forensics. This year I’m the president for SHSU Harmonies and love it! Welfare is such an important issue within a university, it is crucial that every student feels supported, included, and listened to. I would love to transfer my skills and continue to make Sheffield Hallam a safe and comfortable place to study, live and have fun!

My main priorities are:

Mental health

I aim to work with staff and students to increase awareness of how mental health can impact studies. This will be done by:

  • Introducing more union workshops and online resources dealing with work anxiety and stress
  • Create an online portal or a mobile app, linking all welfare related services together. There’s so much information and help available, but often students aren’t aware of them and they can be difficult to find.

General Wellbeing

  • Introduce stress management sessions, especially around exam times, in areas such as:
    • Mindfulness
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
  • Free sanitary products and contraception in the union, freely and easily available.
  • Cycling Scheme!
  • Ensure that financial information is very accessible to students.


  • Campaign for gender neutral bathrooms around campus
  • Dietary requirement / vegan options in ALL Hallam Cafés
  • More freshers events to help make your first week away from home less scary!
  • Rejuvenation of Re-Freshers week in January, making it easier for January-start students to feel included and make friends.


  • Raise more awareness for sexual assault and consent, by working with local bars and nightlife.
  • Introduction of a night bus that would run between nightlife, halls, and Ecclesall Road, ensuring that all students have a great and safe night out.


  • Work with landlords and make sure that they are sticking to contract terms.
  • Shorter private tenancy agreements.
    • Some landlords have a minimum of 12-month contract lengths, which is unnecessary for those at university for only 9 months of the year. I will work with these tenants and landlords to come to a more reasonable solution.
  • Keep an eye on halls pricing
    • And work with students to make sure their living arrangements is of the highest standard possible!
  • Run flatmate-finder events to make it easier to fill that extra room in your shared house.


  • Keep working with local charities and businesses to continue increasing community involvement within the university.
  • Organise local work experience and volunteering in areas relevant to your degree, fitting around university timetables.
  • Work with The University of Sheffield and organise more joint events.
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