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Hey Hallam! Miriam Mesfun, here.  I am a postgrad student and I study IT management. I have worked with Refugee Council part time for almost a year now and in my time there I have met people from different walks of life who face all sorts of hardships. This experience combined with the challenges I have faced as a student have taught me a lot about the importance of mental health, empathy and putting peoples’ needs first.


Why Am I Running?

I’m running because I want to be part of the change in the university and a voice for students. I want better wellbeing services and support for students, which right now takes almost a week just to get an appointment after registering; the university to be inclusive and I want all of us to take advantage of the opportunities in the university.




Health & Wellbeing

Although we cannot get rid of stress and problems during university, we can make sure we have enough support and guidance through it all. I wish to focus on developing and improving, with support from the university, the counselling and mental health services that are provided on campus.

Moreover, I want to create awareness of issues around sexual health and work towards a separate sexual health clinic being set up on campus as it is an important aspect of university.



I wish to stress on inclusiveness of Disabled community, LGBTQ community, International students as well as Black and Minority Ethnic groups (BME).



Let’s do more for the community! We can do this by organizing more fundraising events and collaborating with RAG.

I want to students to have access to volunteering opportunities more and encourage one off volunteering for those who have less time.



I want students to have more opportunities and help with their career path and in finding the right jobs that best fit them (personality tests, job shadowing, internships etc.).



I want to advocate for student friendly prices (e.g. Food) in the university and longer opening hours of eating outlets (e.g. Weekends).




Will advocate for reasonable hall/private housing prices for students

Work with Snug approved landlords to allow shorter contracts

Make sure students read and are aware of contractual obligations before signing with a landlord.

I commit to all of the above but more than that I commit to listen to the needs of the students and be their voice in the university. #unlimitedyou #votemiriam #onerace #unityindiversity #extramile #hallamtillidie #hallamnation


Snapchat, twitter, periscope: mirs808

Facebook: Miriam Mesfun



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