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Hi everyone,

My name is Mohammed Abdulredha, I am studying MBA (Masters of Business Administration), I thrive to be a distinctive student in the field by going through the journey with my classmates as a team, and through our friendship, I believe we will have the power to excel.

Unfortunately, I have recently lost a friend, who’s life story inspired me to be your next student welfare and community officer. When we were 12, my friend was on his way to school at 7 a.m., where he was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. From that day, until the day he passed away, he felt and believed that education caused his pain which caused him to abandon school and despise knowledge. I never made it on time to help my friend, but his story is my motivation and is what drives this movement. Therefore, as your community and welfare officer, I will take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and welfare is as good as it can ever be, by spreading awareness, providing aid and ensuring that you always have a fair opportunity to get all the support you need so that we all have an extraordinary life experience here at SHU.


Our Student Union mission is to be the difference in student life, and I will carry on with 2020 vision which aims to make the student union the recognised representative for students at SHU, have a responsive and interactive presence with students and make engagement with the SU the second nature for all students.

Why I want to be your community and welfare officer

I will carry on with the predecessor’s action plan and ensure all the objectives are achieved. Additionally, I seek to promote the points below.

  • Teaching learning and course:
  • Reduce financial burden on students by providing annual printing and scanning credits.
  • Maintain equality by following up and stressing the importance of anonymity in marking.
  • Your representation and opinions:
  • Follow up and stress the need for halal and vegan food.
  • Ensure your voice is heard by improving communication between student and department rep.
  • Support and empower liberation groups to not only commemorate their culture but also encourage them to work together, alongside with the student union to sustain equality in the SHU community as a whole.
  • Your university life and environment:
  • Continue and improve upon the efforts in promoting mental health which ensures that the Student Union has the capacity and the capability to provide students with the appropriate support whenever they need it.
  • Fix the broken entertainment equipment and ask the students what do they want to see in the hubs.
  • Bring out more equipment and activities for disabled students to engage with the student union.
  • Firmly address landlord exploitation, accommodation issues and provide accessible financial aid.
  • My roles in the university:
  • Mentor at culture connect.
  • Leading “Coding Club” volunteering project.
  • Completed the Student Union Leadership program.
  • Volunteered to work with a consultancy team to provide business solutions for SYAC.

It is about time for students to take the lead in shaping their future, as your community and welfare officer, I promise to make changes that will allow you to get the best academic and professional value for your money and venture in the university world. I have been an International student in the UK for more than four years now, and I am aware of the hardships that you may face and the happiness you can experience. Hence, I pledge that I will be there to support all students in their journey and ensure that they get what they need to be the best version of themselves, here at Sheffield Hallam University.

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