Meet the candidates: Molly Williams

Don’t be a wally, vote for Molly!

It’s time for it to be your day, your week, your month, and your year. I’ll be there for you.

Candidate Profile

Multiple deadlines in one week, poor sleeping pattern, heating broken again, can’t afford to pay your rent – as Welfare and Community Officer I would have your back with any problem you may face throughout your student life at Hallam. As current Sheffield Editor of The University Paper, News and Lifestyle Editor of H Magazine, writer for H News, and a course rep I understand first-hand the issues Hallam students face. From unaffordable living costs and dealing with dodgy landlords to making sure you put time aside from your studies to look after yourself. I am committed to developing a community where every student feels happy, valued, safe, and has their voice heard. I’ll be there for you.

Key Manifesto Points

1. Campaign to prioritise mental wellbeing. Through monthly self-care events including expert speakers on managing student life, freebies to help pamper and look after yourself as well as developing a strong social-media presence to offer advice and encourage discussion to beat the stigma around mental health. Conduct a large survey to understand what affects students’ mental wellbeing at Hallam and, with the university, use the information to make effective improvements to welfare in all aspects of student life.

2. Support with housing. By developing an accessible system where students can lodge a complaint about their landlord to gain direct support from the union, introducing a Rate My Landlord website where students can easily share experiences to better judge housing, and continue to promote Snug-approved properties. Organise protests against rises in rent prices.

3. Increase awareness of student services such as financial support by continuing to communicate effectively between the university and students.

4. Continue to build on the success of Healthy Hallam. Introduce regular cooking video tutorials on tasty, affordable, easy to make meals using reciepies from professionals and ones submitted by Hallam students and build up a Hallam cookbook for students.

5. Work closely with South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner on student-related safety and prevention of crime such as sexual harassment, burglaries, and racial abuse.

6. Continue to lobby Sheffield councillors to support student issues and include them in their manifestos.

7. Ensure every student feels represented, welcomed, and valued as part of the Hallam community in every aspect of student life.

Don’t be a wally, vote for Molly!

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