Preview: The Pigeon Detectives at The Leadmill

When I think of The Pigeon Detectives, I can’t help but be thrown back to my secondary school years where the Leeds band formed part of my indie rock soundtrack – I even had Matt Bowman-esque hair to accompany it! Given that, it comes as no surprise that their first two studio albums, Wait for Me (2007) and Emergency (2008), are still firmly on my iPod and I can belt out a rendition of ‘This is an Emergency’ when prompted.

Admittedly, I never listened to their third or fourth albums, which came out in 2011 and 2013 respectively, and likewise my curly locks are no longer with me. Yet despite this, listening to the singles from their upcoming album, Broken Glances, suggests that in those years I missed they’ve had somewhat of a departure from the earlier work.

Describing the album, front man Matt Bowman said it will be “an ode to everyone that’s ever bought an album or turned up to a show.” It’s not hard to hear this shine through on the track ‘Lose Control’, a song which, upon first listen, will take you back to those late-noughties days. Take another listen and there’s a certain reflective element about it however. With a decade since their first album firmly under their belt, you can hear the journey they’ve been on coming through on this track’s lyrics.

The two singles which showcase the progression of the band are incidentally also my personal favourites. Both ‘Enemy Lines’ and ‘Wolves’ lyrically and sonically show their advancement as musicians, and highlight their capability to create beautifully moody, indie masterpieces. These tracks alone have convinced me to give The Pigeon Detectives another go once Broken Glances drops on February 24th – and you should too!

The Pigeon Detectives play The Leadmill on 7th March – tickets available here.


Words by Ryan Newsam

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