Review: Bullet For My Valentine at O2 Academy Sheffield

Bullet For My Valentine have been taking their metalcore/hard rock around the world for over 10 years, playing venues of all sizes. Renowned for their ultimate riffs, double-bass drum glory, incredible solos and front man Matt Tuck’s changing hairstyle. And it all started from their debut album, ‘The Poison’, released in 2005. So really it’s no surprise that on select dates of this tour, rather than filling their set with tracks from less successful albums, audiences are pleasured with hearing their debut. In full. Start to finish. And a few extras afterwards of course…

The crowd aren’t a particular demographic – clearly this album has hit a wave of ages since its release. The band walk on stage to appropriately-titled ‘Intro’ in white shirts and ties: the clothes they wear in the music video for new single ‘Don’t Need You’, tactfully released just before the UK leg. Once Matt screams the start of ‘Her Voice Resides’, the show has truly begun. A fascinating light show complements the mayhem of the music. Impressively it sounds it does on record but louder, obviously. To say there’s a fill-in drummer on this tour (pun intended) plus a new bassist, extra credit where it’s due.

Three songs in, before starting ‘Tears Don’t Fall’ which BFMV usually play in encores, Tuck tells us the album was already doing great but that “this sucker” really did it for them (modest). It’s a massive sing-along and there’s clearly a lot of love in the crowd. Well. As far as love goes in a circle pit…

Hits like ‘All These Things…’ and great album tracks such as ‘Room 409’ resonate wonderfully. The show really has energy throughout and you can tell the band love reminiscing in the old stuff. Ending on ‘The End’ (Ha! I think they’re onto something…), we’re already expecting more as Tuck has told us they’ll return after “a little break”. A very short break and we hear the intro to recent album, ‘Venom’. The band celebrate post-The Poison hits in reverse, playing ‘No Way Out’, ‘Your Betrayal’ and ‘Waking The Demon’. A final encore delivers ‘Don’t Need You’, concluding a strong, fun and nostalgic show.


Words by Josh Levin

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