Sheffield Hallam University Laboratory Ablaze

6 fire engines spotted outside of the Norfolk building following reports of a fire on the seventh floor.

A small fire has caused minor damage to the 7th floor of Norfolk building. Around 6 fire engines were spotted outside the front of Sheffield Hallam’s Adsett’s building at midnight March 05 after being alerted by the fire alarm.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue arrived at the situation quickly and well equipped, minimising the damage. They began leaving the scene around 1:30am.

Security guards at the scene originally told students that it had been a false alarm. However, several students and an official Statement by the university have proven this to be wrong.

It is now known that the fire occurred in the Biomedical Research Centre (BMRC) where current sources are claiming it was due to an electrical fault.

Possible causes have been identified as an autoclave machine may have been left running without water which would quickly become a fire hazard. These reports are not yet confirmed and we are told investigations are still on going and a student mistake has not yet been ruled out.

Sheffield Hallam University released an official statement on Twitter in the early morning of March 06:

“The fire brigade were called in at 11pm last night to deal with a small fire in our Norfolk building at City Campus. It was quickly extinguished and we are now working to investigate how it happened. We will be open today as usual.”

This article has been updated from our initial posting as more information has come forward. We will update this article as more information arises. The Sheffield Star and Telegraph have also not yet commented on the event.

image sources

  • fire 3: Sam Unwin and Seb Plowman
  • fire 2: Sam Unwin and Seb Plowman
  • fire 1: Sam Unwin and Seb Plowman
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