My top 5 films coming in 2017

Self-described film fanatic, Hodan Ibrahim, highlights her most anticipated films of 2017.

1. Dunkirk

  1. This historical adaptation of the book and 1958 film of the same name is one of the 2017 films to watch out for. With a storyline that shows the real emotions and events of the people involved in the near disastrous World War 2 event that almost saw Britain removed from the war before the fighting even got started. By looking at the psychological struggles of the men’s in the war it shows the gravity of what they were fighting for.
  2. The film is also One Direction’s Harry Styles first try at working in Hollywood and many fans can’t wait to see if it is as good as critics are stating it is.
  3. 2. DC’s Wonder Women

  4. Wonder woman, one of DC’s best-known and earliest characters with a tale that’s spanned print, acting and animation many people await to see if the film adaptation can rekindle the iconic heroine’s fire.  Actress Gal Gadot who is well known for her roles in the Fast and the Furious franchise will continue to play the role after first debuting last year in the Batman vs Superman movie. The plot for this will focus on Wonder Woman’s first interaction with the world during The First World War.


3. Spiderman Homecoming

It seems that there is a new Spiderman movie or adaptation every other year and 2017 is no different with Disney’s Marvel taking the reign and creating a Spiderman of their own. Actor Tom Holland will play the role continuing on from his first appearance as the masked spider in Captain Americ
a Civil War, which was extremely popular with fans. Many commentators praised Tom Holland’s brief appearance in Civil War for being true to the original geeky teenage Spiderman of the comics and moving away from previous iterations. The story line will look at how Peter Parker handles being a hero, with aid with Robert Downer Jr’s Iron Man who play the role of mentor for the teen hero

4. DC’s Justice League

  1. DC is hoping to replicate the success of The Avengers with its own set of superheroes combining to save the world from some unknown threat. The groundwork has been going on for years through TV and film, with speculation popular TV character Arrow might make an appearance. When looking at the movie world many say that the DC cinematic world has not yet been able to match the Marvel prowess. However, when looking at other characters of the film fans are widely optimistic of what about the potential of The Justice League.
  2. 5. Power Rangers

  3. Ah the Power Rangers, I know for a fact that when reading the title for number five many of you may start singing the theme tune of the 90’s series. When we think of power rangers many of us may think back to our childhood or the Red rangers uniting in one movie. 2017 will be a year however where the rangers are modernised and placed on the big screen. The directors have explicitly said they plan as the storyline as well as the casting of the series appeals to both old and young fans of the series. The movie’s casting is also done with younger generation being able to relate to the characters an example is musician Becky G who will be portraying the yellow ranger, with the singer already having a fan base many may see the film just to see her first film acting role.

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